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What Is It?

Command The Plate is a progressive strength training program for in or off season. It features the same daily exercise program that players from across the country travel to see Dr. McKenzie for.

Who Is It For?

While this program is most popular with pitchers, it is widely used by all position players at every level of baseball as it prepares the arm and body to withstand the demands and perform at a high level throughout the course of the season.

If you would like to break through to the next level of your game… throw over 90mph with a repeatable delivery… and do it all while easily staying on the mound longer, not feeling sore, and avoiding injury… then here’s how hundreds of pitchers in elite college programs, the major leagues, and top youth programs have done it.

And why, with the information in Command The Plate Pitcher's Training Program, you can too.

Here’s the story:

My name is Chris McKenzie.  I’m a doctor in physical therapy and a board certified specialist in sports and orthopedics.  I’ve examined and treated thousands of pitchers in the last 10 years. 

The pitchers that come to me often think – or have been told – they have a mechanical “problem”.  What they don’t know is, usually, there’s an underlying physical constraint that no tool, drill, or any amount of training was ever going to correct.  EVER.

What is Command The Plate?

Command The Plate is a daily exercise program for pitchers (but all players can benefit). The same programming that players from across the country travel to see Dr. McKenzie for. A progressive strength training program for in or off seasons. Truly, for every skill level of player — youth to professional.

The protocols in the book (Unleash Your Pitching Velocity) will easily diagnose your pitcher's physically weak or problem areas.

The Command The Plate training program will fix those problem areas—turning them into a strength, just by completing this exercise program, which focuses on the strength, flexibility, and control of not only the arm, but the entire body.

    What good is going to the doctor if they just diagnose what is wrong, but don't tell you how to fix it?

    It's the same reason we go to the auto mechanic or dealership when we have a car problem... We want solutions to our problems.

    Command The Plate training program does that for pitchers. It provides the solution by fixing the pitcher's problems that are unique to him/her.

    This is exactly how a pitcher's…

    • throwing velocity ‘naturally’ improves
    • risk of injury goes wayyyyyy down
    • pitch command gains laser-like accuracy
    • chance of scholarship increases
    • etc...

    Command The Plate is a progressive training program. There are steps/exercises to progress through. Meaning, you must move from one easy exercise to another harder exercise in order to completely fix the problem area. There could be as many as 8 progression for 1 body part.

    Hip Strength Progression #1
    Hip Strength Progression #2
    Hip Strength Progression #3
    Hip Strength Progression #4

    [You’ve corrected your hip weakness!]

    This is why Command The Plate is built for all ages, and all skill levels. It's basic enough for everyone to start at, but eventually there will be an exercise progression that one cannot complete. With hard work, it can be done. Once complete, say ‘hello’ to your new performance gains.

    This is the same progressive program that MLBers and elite youth perform when they come to see Dr. McKenzie in person.


    The time that needs to be spent exercising, is directly related to how many body part-areas have problems found during the BASE-3 Examination. The more problems, the more exercise. Not a lot of problems, not a lot of corrective exercise.


    Sure, 3 guys can go to the same pitching coach and come away with 3 different outcomes; an MLB offer, elite in high school, and amounting to nothing.

    Why? They are different.

    Sure - Everyone learns and develops and understands at different levels. What tactic or drill or explanation may work for one, may not work for the next.

    But this isn’t about tactics and drills or understanding explanations.

    This is about leveling the PHYSICAL playing field for each athlete!

    Mentally, emotionally—we are different—that’s a discussion for another time, and rightfully so.

    In a sport recently defined by injuries, seeing top pitchers get cut down by elbow injuries, shoulder pains and the like…

    If these athletes would have fixed their own unique foundational flaws...

    That undoubtedly would have allowed them to excel with any other pitching tactic or drill or explanation in the world. It would have kept them healthy and at the top of their game.

    This system undercuts all the gadgets and tools out there.

    This is foundational for the baseball player's body.

    The player will excel to whatever they truly want to—whatever they then put their mind to achieving.

    Just know, their body won’t be the limiting factor.

    This is better than anything you’ll see on the market, because it’s working on the foundation of the athletes physical body and not the fluff, icing on the cake drills, or tools or schemes out there.

    This is the difference maker.

    But don’t just take my word for it…

    “Because of his understanding as an athlete who’s had to deal with injury and setback, this has given Chris tremendous insight and ability to help baseball players. He’s lived it. He went through it. This lays out a simple process that will allow ANY pitcher to optimize their performance, minimize injury, and stay healthy for the long term.

    -Alan Jaeger, Founder of Jaeger Sports

    “Dr. McKenzie has done a tremendous job of boiling down a complex topic so you can understand what happens when you throw a baseball.”

    -Brent Pourciau, Founder of


    Here’s the TRUTH: You don’t need the latest weighted ball drill to throw your maximum potential and strike hitters out. You don’t need another pitching coach to get more outs.
    You don’t need the latest leg trainer tool. You don’t need Instagram strength training gimmicks.

    You don’t need to long toss more.

    Hell, you don’t even need to throw at all, really…

    All you need are:

    One (1) total body examination (inside the book), and..

    One (1) simplistic individualized training program.

    Thats it.

    How do I know? Because I’ve used this exact system on thousands of baseball pitchers from youth to MLBer and it works.

    What is “works?”

    --> Gaining 5mph in 2 weeks.

    --> Going from walking 8 guys/game to striking-out 8 guys/game.

    --> Consistent arm paths and dart-like ball placement.

    Think about how that would change things for you? ...for your pitcher?

    No more digging for evidence on websites. No more posting pitching videos online to get feedback. No more wondering why you can’t achieve your maximum potential.

    What this really means for you is that RIGHT NOW you can probably stop 90% of the time-wasting, money-sucking training strategies and tools you’ve been using

    ...and you can START throwing harder, with greater pitch command and consistency, and getting outs faster than you ever thought possible.

    All from simply correcting your foundational flaws with the Command The Plate training program.

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