The 3-Step System To Throwing Harder And Maximizing Command So You Can Make The Team Of Your Dreams!

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Unleash Your Pitching Velocity

“I’m a big fan of Dr. McKenzie’s work, and he doesn’t disappoint with this title. I’ve had a chance to review the book and the first thing that came to mind was ‘Pitching Science for Dummies’ because of his unique way of making the complex, simple. If you’re serious about developing as a pitcher, learning more as a coach, or educating yourself as a parent on what it truly takes for the body to throw a baseball, this is the book for you.”

-Lantz Wheeler

“Because of his understanding as an athlete who’s had to deal with injury and setback, this has given Chris tremendous insight and ability to help baseball players. He’s lived it. He went through it. This book lays out a simple process that will allow ANY pitcher to optimize their performance, minimize injury, and stay healthy for the long term.

-Alan Jaeger

“This book is a must read for any pitcher, parent of a pitcher, or coach that wants to maximize their athletes potential and get to the next level. Dr. McKenzie has done a tremendous job of boiling down a complex topic so you can understand what happens when you throw a baseball.”

-Brent Porciau

“Chris has become my absolute “go to” physical therapist for my most difficult shoulder problems, as well as for all of my throwing athletes. I cannot recommend to you highly enough Dr. McKenzie’s book for throwing athletes. I believe it will become one of the primary resources for parents, coaches and athletes involved with throwing. The information in this book will allow the athlete to not only develop to their highest level, but also keep them healthy along the way.”

—George Stollsteimer M.D.

“With the ever increasing Tommy John surgery epidemic, nobody I have met yet has spent as much time trying to come up with a solution for young pitchers, parents and coaches than Dr Chris McKenzie. Chris explains the problem and provides the answer in a way that parents and coaches can understand and use immediately. Chris has been my go to guy with my clients and goes above and beyond to make sure I understand exactly what he’s doing. So if you’re worried about pitching arm injuries (we all should be), and how to throw harder or maintain your high performance, you need this book!

—Darrell Coulter

"Dr. McKenzie's wonderful treatise on Pitching, Velocity, is a superbly written and concise summary of throwing mechanics, injury risk factors and preventative strategies. This is a masterfully crafted distillation of basic science of the throwing athlete and serves as an excellent handbook for athletes, coaches, therapists and parents involved with pitching. The principles delineated in this text will lessen injury and increase performance."

—John D. A. Kelly IV, MD


Poor throwing mechanics, poor command and low pitching velocity are symptoms of a much greater problem.

A problem the latest pitching tools, pitching drills and bullpen practice cannot fix.

This is a problem that’s harder to see for the untrained eye (that’s the bad news), but much easier to fix (that’s the good news).

By reading UNLEASH YOUR PITCHING VELOCITY, you will be trained to implement Dr. McKenzie’s unique baseball pitcher performance examination so that you can:

  • Keep your delivery consistent and repeatable so that you can fill up the zone on demand with any pitch...
  • Uncover and strengthen every ‘weak’ area of your body so that you can maximize your velocity!
  • Expose and fix ‘tight’ areas on your body so you can stay healthy and feel good all season long, year after year!
  • Develop unique in-season and off-season routines to increase strength, gain flexibility, and become more explosive.
  • Learn exactly what tools and drills will benefit you the most (and which could hurt you the most)...
  • and much more...
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What's In The Book?

Section 1:

  • The side effects of pitching and what really happens to a pitcher's body while pitching!
  • How the Kinetic Chain impacts the body and the pitch being thrown (so you can see the process from a birds eye or global view).
  • The major muscles that are used to pitch and how they are used. (Having this specific knowledge will show you exactly how you should be training.)
  • Why pitchers lose flexibility and what areas are best to focus on for stretching!
  • How to prevent throwing related injuries from muscle tightness and muscle weakness
  • Which problems create what injuries so you can be sure to stay healthy and on the mound for your team all season long...
  • Discover exactly when it's okay to push though and when you need to bail!

Section 2:

  • How the baseball pitcher should warm up and cool down (includes a section for relief pitchers!)
  • A specific plan of action to ensure you are well prepared...

Section 3:

  • The side effects of training tools!
  • A special formula for how to include long toss in your programming to stay healthy.
  • The latest evidence on weighted ball training so you know when to begin weighted ball training and when to wait. (Make sure you do not throw another weighted ball until you read Chapter 10.)
  • The most popular training tools available today along with the pros and cons of each tool (The key is using the right tool at the right time. This book takes the guesswork out of the equation.)
  • This section could literally save you hundreds of dollars from investing in the wrong tool at the wrong time.

Section 4:

  • The BASE-3 Examination and how to assess or examine flexibility on the pitcher
  • Simple instructions and pictures which show various tests you can do at home
  • The 16 areas that you need to be examining (between both the upper body and lower body!)
  • How to test for strength over 10 body movements, so you can uncover and then strengthen every weak area on your body!
  • How to test for 2 key areas on the pitcher's body that must have great control
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